Gion Insurance Group consists of highly trained people of integrity who exist to help others. It starts with ownership and management.

A Message from Our Owner

Thank you for visiting our website and for caring about the ownership and management of The Gion Unit!

I, Rob Gion, Jr. am proud to be the owner of The Gion Insurance Group. In this section of the website I will share with you both information about me and how my business is managed.

Let’s start with management:

  • Any and all management decisions flow out of our vision statement!
  • I want the very best for all of my employees and team members and any decision will take that into account
  • All team members are fairly compensated (many at the top end of the pay scale for their position in the industry)
  • We expect team members to continually strive to be their best. This means we will support advanced education whenever and wherever we can. I hold a Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Risk Manager designation. I’m proud of these designations and they help me to better serve my clients. You will find that most of the team members on my team hold advanced insurance designations or other training that help them to help you.
  • I expect all team members in every situation to treat our clients in a way that demonstrates to the client that we care about them and always have the client’s interests at heart – desiring nothing but the very best for our client. We will seek to save our client’s money wherever and whenever we can – never though at the expense of doing what’s best for the client in terms of coverage needed.

In regards to ownership, I do think it is important that you know about me personally as you will commonly see my fingerprints on most of what we do. Our vision stems from my personal WHY. My “Why” as a person is that I exist to help others be their best. I truly care about other people and want the best for them. It’s what makes me happy and what drives me.

Because this is my “why” statement as a human being, it influences everything I do. Certainly, as communicated, it impacts the way I treat clients and manage my team. However, this “why” has also led me to be involved in other activities that might just be more important than my work in the insurance industry. You should be aware that when you chose to work with my team, you are enabling me to do the other things I do. Others are blessed because and through my clients as my insurance work provides the financial basis for me to do the following:

  • I am an ordained pastor (I share several messages from the pulpit each year and pray regularly for and with others – please let me know if I can ever pray for you)
  • I lead a men’s recovery group for men who are recovering in the area of sexual brokenness
  • I coach wrestling for Westminster Christian Academy (I’m passionate about wrestling and live to be a transformational coach – making a difference in the lives of the young men I am given to coach)
  • My wife Tammy and I lead a non-profit ministry called “What Is Intimacy?” What Is Intimacy? exists because I want to help others in the area of intimacy; intimacy in all relationships in life. We live in a very broken world and What Is Intimacy? is our way of making a difference in many hurting marriages.

Personally, I am the husband of 23 years to a wonderful woman. I am also the proud father of two amazing children. My son, Aaron, is currently a sophomore at Missouri State University. Aaron works in the agency with me and is a licensed insurance agent/broker. My daughter, Emma, is enrolled at the University of Evansville where she is part of their six year Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Emma loves children and plans to specialize in practice for kids after graduation.

If I can ever help you personally, in any way, please email or call me. Otherwise, please know that I value each and every one of my clients and business partners. We exist to help people and businesses be the very best they can be!

Rob Gion, Jr. CIC, CRM

Rob Gion